Welcome to Hartbeeps. Designed by experts, fuelled by magic, delivered with love!

At Hartbeeps we put your child at the heart of our magical, musical adventures. We offer original and super fun, developmental baby classes, toddler classes and pre-school classes, as well as educational sessions.


All of our classes are set to a soundtrack of original songs, remixed nursery rhymes and lullabies. We take you and your little one on a sound journey and bring the story to life. Come and experience the amazing world of Hartbeeps with classes to complement and enhance every stage of your child's early years - from pre-birth to school We can't wait to welcome you to our award-winning classes.

Find your nearest session and come and play.


Music and Fun Classes

Since 2003 Hartbeeps has been delivering its unique blend of original music classes and mini productions to 1000's of babies and children in the UK. Challenging accepted definitions of 'baby and toddler' music classes, we create innovative, multi-sensory and highly interactive productions for the very young. By transforming everyday environments into colourful, tactile 'wonderlands' we invite our participants to join us in a world of imagination. Using clever state of the art music production, original music composition, sound effects, songs and sound plays, lighting effects, innovative props and puppetry together with a vast array of multi-sensory techniques, we create original and highly specialised experiences for our young Hartbeepers. 

In 2013, Hartbeeps opens in Madrid and the sessions run 100% in English maintaining the English language development from a very early stage. A nice alternative to Playgroups in Madrid. 


What goes into the Hartbeeps mix...

Repetition and variation are built into programmes to offer young children reassurance of continuity, along with variation on a theme opening the world of the imagination and the opportunity to explore one's own creativity.

Our bespoke music library is now into the 100's and includes specially timed, sequenced and professionally composed songs, sound plays and sound effects. This has taken years to create and we are very proud of our unique collection. Clever simplicity is our art form as we strive to create original songs that will last a life time, as have the classic nursery rhymes that we have also lovingly re-produced so we can enjoy them in all their glory. Every session is created with a tailored backing track to provide a backdrop as we move through our wondrous sound journeys.


Everything in life has a rhythm……

Hartbeeps identifies rhythm as an important educational principle. A baby grows within his or her mother's womb accompanied by the pulsing beat of the heart.

A young baby responds to rhythmic movement, an older pre-walking baby is highly (and astoundingly) tuned into the rhythm within language, whilst toddlers and younger children deeply and wholly connect with rhymes, songs, number games and more, if set to a rhythm.
The seasons offer a cycle of life, the ebb and flow of the sea can lull you, the ticking of a clock give you a sense of peace. Have you ever tapped your fingers on a surface as you aim to re-organise your thoughts?
It is a scientific fact that rhythm helps organise the brain; add movement and you have a powerful platform for communicating with young children by engaging both hemispheres of the brain.


A blend of every day rutines and make believe: pretending, or imaginative play,

is one of the cornerstones of a young child's world. Almost anything can spur

a child's imagination; everyday objects for example such as a bowl and spoon will be

used by a child as symbols, thus supporting their learning that one thing can stand for

another thing. Using this ability to pretend, can transform the bowl and spoon into a

drum, or a hat…we add some further 'noise maker' ingredients such as egg shakers and

our original upbeat song 'mix it up' and the whole experience becomes enriched with sound,

creative movement, song, rhythm and play.



Dramatic play: in early childhood drama needs no written lines to memorise, structured behaviour patterns to imitate, nor is an audience needed. Children need only a safe, interesting environment and freedom to experiment with roles.
Opportunities for dramatic play that are spontaneous, child-initiated and open-ended are important for all young children. Because individual expression is key to development, children of all physical and cognitive abilities enjoy and learn from creative dramatics. Dramatic play expands a child's awareness of self in relation to others and the environment.


Child centred approach: fostering the right of the child to choose, make connections and communicate. This approach enables freedom for children to think, experience, explore, question and search for answers.


A Magical Recipe to make delicious Hartbeeps Sound Journeys


  • Take a large portion of state of the art music technology and mix with a talented composer

  • Pour over plenty of BIG FUN songs, beautiful sensory music and top with some magic sprinkles

  • Add some larger than life drama, over-sized gestures, fabulous facial expressions and mix it up round and round

  • You can never have enough love and affection, cuddles and empathy so pile on dollops and dollops, it's very healthy, so don't hold back

  • If you can get hold of some passion and enthusiasm this will make this recipe truly irresistible

  • Whilst your mixture marinades, take some time to observe and listen to these clever little folk, you will learn so much and maybe some new things about yourself too.....





















Meet the founder Sarah Godwin

Hello and welcome to Hartbeeps.

I am a musician, early years practitioner, Doula and mother of three.
My interests have always involved the creative arts, writing, music,

creative therapies and the miracle of new life and how these special

young beings learn. Following the birth of my middle child in 2002,

I started looking for a fulfilling career that I could fit around my

family and became interested in music therapy, however, rather

than training and setting-up in practice; my research led me to start

Hartbeeps...a creative, multi-sensory, holistic approach to musical

experiences for the very young. Continue reading...



Get to know Nuria, team leader in Madrid

English is my mother tongue, or is it Spanish?  I’m daughter to a Spanish mother and American father who made sure to speak to me in both languages at a very early age. I am one of many who were brought up with two or more languages and proud to say I passed the experience with flying colours thanks to my parent’s perseverance! I am living proof that making an early head start is key to becoming multilingual.

After many years of English and Spanish schooling and language teaching, I’m well aware of the ease with which I became fluent in both languages. Learning a new language as an adult or even starting at the age of six can be cumbersome. So, my experience has inspired me to start teaching babies and toddlers English through songs and play in order to stimulate their language development at an early stage and ease their learning curve. When I encountered Hartbeeps, the idea of orchestrating a magic journey for kids seduced me immediately. I have never let go of the child inside me, in fact, my bed night table books are “All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum and “ The World’s Best Fairy Tales” by Readers Digest 1967’s edition. I am a devoted auntie not only to the kids in my family, but my friends’ children, to the kids I teach English and to the children from the non-profit organizations I volunteer for in India and Nicaragua. I’m always ready to hop and bop into the wonderful world of children. Come join me hop into this magical sound journey!